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{Unreleased Unnamed CD!} First full-length yet-unnamed album, CD (No Label Yet, 1999) Should be released early next year, hopefully before springtime.
Send us email to reserve a copy!
{Unscrubbed II} Unscrubbed II, Live at Brainwash, SF Compilation (Ian Brennan, 1998) Compilation cd featuring SSBB and other SF bands live at a popular laundromat. Copies for sale at the Brainwash (1122 Folsom).

{Around the World with Shitty Shitty Band Band} Around the World with Shitty Shitty Band Band, 5-song CD (Dave's Cave, 1997) Limited release, 5-song CD including the hit Madeleine Refuses to Return to Munich. Artwork by John "Zippy" Lehnus.

{Live at the Eagle Drift-In} Live at the Eagle Drift-In!, Live bootleg recording (Drift-in Records, 1996) Featuring 2 mics and out-of-tune horns. One of our favorites.
(Artwork by: S.E. Wood)
{Our original cassette demo} Shitty Shitty Band Band, 6-song Casette (Dave's Cave, 1996)
Our first demo, featuring a special bonus live track of Herb Alpert's What Now My Love. Artwork by Elizabeth Kairys.
{The Early Years} Early bootleg, not available anymore, (Hermann Records, 1996) contains recordings from different shows in 95 and 96
(Artwork by: S.E. Wood)

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