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Amy Trusso: I was born in Buffalo, N.Y. and lived most of my life in NewYork State until I was transported to San Francisco. Thanks to my husband, Raza Zaidi, not only was I moved to the west coast but most recently to Munich, Germany. Here I enjoy traveling around Europe as often as the wallet allows. Interested in checking out pretty pictures.In the States I passed time teaching Biology and Science however now I attempt to teach English to Germans. My one goal is to have as many Germans speaking English with a proper West Coast dialect, including idioms, like "ya know".

Although several generations of Trusso's have been born and bred in the States, several more generations date back to this Sicilian village. We continue to correspond with family in Tortorici.

Que Bella


Since moving here lots has changed for me, as demonstrated below! It is about 22 weeks old, any guesses as to the sex???

Photos of some family members (will get one of Jeff and Paul)

Surrounded by my parents in Verona Oct. '96

Raza and I in Beautiful Lago di Garda Oct '96

My niece Chelsea, Sept. '96

Sister Lisa and Chelsea, May '96

Top of my Brother Greg holding Lydia while Gregory, Paul and Jena feed the ducks!