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> Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 15:56:06 -0700 (PDT)
> Subject: Shocked. Shocked and stunned.

> I regret to report that Fishy-Fish, aka Vin's Kitchen, will close at the end of this month. This is not a hoax. Here's the report:
> San Francisco, California, April 18 (SCL): As the Fishy of April 17, 1996 drew to a close, we noticed a gentleman placing a "For Lease" sign in the Fishy window. Upon inquiry, the gentleman informed us that the building has a new owner who raised the rent. Apparently Vin's, Inc. decided to retire rather than pay the higher rent or relocate. We neglected to confirm this with the Vins, as we immediately went into various states of denial and shock. It seems a done deal, though.
> If anyone has any suggestions about the manner in which we should observe this sad passing, please post them. Perhaps we can chip in for a nice gift for the Vins, and present it to them at the last Fish. Any other ideas? Be sure to visit the Fishy web site.
> I hope you are all doing well. Snarty in the Fark soon? The weather is asking for it.
> Love, Steve
> Date: 18 Apr 1996 16:56:20 -0700
> Subject: Re: Shocked. Shocked and stunned. (fwd)

> We should schedule to meet the vins every wednesday at their favorite restaurant. We should eat there every day till the end. We should sing to the vin's every day. We could create a monument to their vision. We could encourage a new restaurant. We could prank the new owner into thinking the building is haunted.
> Love, Jenny
> Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 14:13:47 -0700 (PDT)
> Subject: Vin! Fin?

> Day 4. A city held Hostage.
> Having vowed to eat Fishy each day until the untimely demise of Vin's restaurant, Ben, Sean, Jimbo, Leeda (Sp?), and I did.
> When Ben asked our favorite waitress (Tm.) if they were really closing she initially seemed confused, telling us again the specials of the day, then shrugged, appeared to get choked up, and wheeled away. Vin, stoically, manned the grill staring straight ahead. We all yelled at Ben for showing such insensativity, and he felt bad.
> But there is hope.
> After dining (2 Halibuts, 2 Salmons, 1 Scallops - 0 Pretty Plates) I endevored to ask what day Vin's would actually shut it's doors. Once again confusion reigned. The waitress said "One" and waived her arms searching for the right word. "One week?, One day?!, One Month?", I offered. "Year." she said. "One year" and then she pointed at the salt and pepper shakers on an empty table.
> Can this be true? Does it make any sense? Is Vin toying with us?
> What is the significance of Salt and Pepper?
> But maybe, just maybe, the fishanalia can continue.
> Love Rick. (Before I pass my prime)
> Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 16:37:20 -0700 (PDT)
> Subject: Vin? Fin!

> Spoke with Doug Shaw of Pacific Union Realtors. 2201 Powell Street, home of Fishy-Fish, is available as of 5/1/96. The current tennants will have cleared out by then. He has no word on what their plans are.
> It is $1200 / month. 600 sq. ft.
> It sickened me to hear this man calmly spouting numbers at me. He never mentioned the smiles shared at Vins. The good natured ribbing that went on between Jimbo and the waitress. The statesmanlike manner in which Vin himself executed even the most bizarre orders. The easy comradery which, nurtured throughout the years, burst only recently into the full flower of graceful social interaction.
> Donald with his Pork Chop. John with his crossword. Ross with his bottled water (sometimes one for Stevie too!).
> The time that baseball player/ukelele guy came and wrote about us in the lesbian magazine.
> $1200 / month. 600 sq. ft.
> I choked back a sob, called Doug a soulless cocksucker, and hung up the phone, shaking.
> Goodbye Vins, sold for a bag of silver.
> Rick
> Date: Thu, 4 Apr 96 16:27 PST
> Subject: Re: Fishy

> I am bored with my work lifestyle. I think I want to become a rabbi or a fire eater.
> Love, Jeff