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On Thu, 29 Dec 1994, Elizabooth McX wrote:
> What the hell is fishy-fish?
> booth

Date: Mon, 2 Jan 1995 21:25:11 -0800 (PST)
From: Stove LaFlorette
To: Elizabooth McX
Subject: Re: hello from the southland

What the hell is fishy-fish? WHAT THE HELL IS FISHY-FISH???!!!

To some, FF is a state of mind. To others, a religion. To others still, it is lunch. Most will agree that it occupies that grey region between light and dark, love and war, life and death. For dead are the fishes that we be eatin', and life are the friendships abounding among us.

Founded in 1924 by the comedy team of Pinklestein and Laffelblatt, Fishy-fish (usually capitalized) is the ritual consumption of our carefully prepared watery bretheren. It is currently celebrated at a location discovered by the Reverend J. Bike ( with the help of a female warlock who shall remain unidentified. Assisted by the Right Despicable S. LaFlorette (french for "little flatulence"), a small but fervent group of worshippers now exercize FF Wednesdays at 1PM.

Together, we explore the questions of life, searching for that one word of sometimes many letters to place in crosses on famous mass-distributed word grids. Often we fail, yet we continue the quest, fortified by our oceanic ambrosia. Thank you for your interest.

-Grampa Walton

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