Jonathan Wells
Creative Director

Jonathan Wells started his first music video show in 1987. He has written about nightlife and technology as a columnist and photographer for URB Magazine. In 1993 he produced a series of ambient multimedia events at planetariums in San Francisco and San Diego. While in San Diego he created, published, and marketed four bi-annual guidebooks, "Know Guide." He is founder and director of the ResFest Digital Film Festival which is an internationally touring showcase for innovative digital filmmaking.

Aden Ikram

Raised on the outskirts of Washington D.C., Aden witnessed the birth of underground dance music/culture in Europe and in the U.S. "I was in England during the summer of 1989, also know there as the 'Summer of Love,' and heard this music called 'Acid House' everywhere that was amazing." The next summer D.C. had its first real rave. With a new sense of purpose Aden did everything to further the emerging house/techno scene; as a DJ, a promoter, and now as the promotions director for, a U.S. dance label, Sm:)e Communications as well as the host/NY producer for Flux. Aden feels, "dance music and new technology are intertwined. They are the most important and exciting movements today because they promote positive change. We are at a crucial point where a whole new generation, the next generation, can embrace the future or reject it. For many of us the future is already here and we want to show people that and that's what Flux is all about."

Lisa Braz

Lisa entered the media world through FAD magazine where she was Music Editor for three years. She worked at KALX Radio station as an accounts executive working on promotion and air-wave sales. She graduated from SFSU in 1992 with a degree in Inter-Arts, where she worked on a prestigious Beta test film for Adobe Premiere. After graduation she worked with Randall Packer for The New Music Theatre as a multi-media artist. She is a Super-8 and video artist, producing videos for music groups such as Mondo Vanilla (R.U. Sirius' band). She is a musician for the ambient space band, Alpha Centauri. While shooting material for her documentary about electronic music she was introduced to Jonathan Wells, director of Flux. Immediately they knew they had a working relationship and began working together on Flux once Jonathan moved to San Francisco.

Miho Kanayama
Associate Producer, Japan

Miho developed a love for club music as a teenager in Japan. She has conducted and translated interviews for Flux with director Kaizo Hayashi, DJ Takemura, Pizzicato Five, and United Future Organization. She currently spends her days working on Sega of America's web site and her nights running up long-distance bills to Japan securing the latest music videos for Flux.

Christopher Kirk

You know that KIA car commercial where a Godzilla-like monster ravages Tokyo? Chris cut that. When he's not running circles round his Avid, you can find Chris running the streets of San Francisco. You can't miss him - he has a pair of incredible custom made shoes (which will be the subject of an upcoming episode). He worked his way through Berkeley film school DJing a Frat parties (he preferred the working for the ethnic houses and dorms because they were into House and Funk).

Camera/NY Unit Director

Born into a beatnik commune, her life can be described as "heavy, chaotic, a psychiatrists wet dream." Raised by a group of nomadic musician/artists Kat has lived all over the country, from her birthplace in Roxbury, MA to New York City, from the Midwest to Los Angeles, and even Mexico. She currently resides in the lower east side of Manhattan, and says the only constant in her life has been music. "My stepdad had one of the biggest vinyl collections in the world and I listened to them all. I could have been a music historian by the age of twelve." In all the many types of music I think dance music has the most uplifting power so far." In the past four years Kat has done her best to help the music become stronger, as a DJ, as a promoter, and now as a camerawoman filming feature segments for Flux. I think Flux is going to be a good outlet for the artists and informative to kids going to the parties and who knows maybe we will all get some respect finally."

Terry Green and Nori Tolson/Twenty2Product
Film Design/Motion Graphics

twenty2product provides design and project management for film, video and multimedia productions. The 2 core partners design and produce client work on Macintosh desktop production equipment for output on videotape, CD-ROM and Internet distribution. Projects typically manifest as broadcast identity, public service announcements, and in-store marketing video.

David Weissberg
Graphic Designer

A didgerdoo-player at heart, in his spare time David has created logos and t-shirts for San Francisco clothing line Biast, designed album artwork for the Windham Hill ambient compilation, Paths; constructed the title sequence of a new feature film from Red Sky, engaged in Internet type warfare on ITDP, did design work on Peter Gabriel's Xpolra 1, and designed a custom typeface. Enjoys eating Chinese with hero Vaughn Oliver, harassing Neville Brody with obscure questions at 3 in the morning, and licking Picasso paintings the world over.

Kevin Mathieu
SF Technology Producer

Kevin as technology editor spots the trends and trip technology that amuses and occasionally influences the chronically wired. Infiltrator of many media, Kevin has been spotted in Wired, on National Public Radio, abusing Substance Digizine, and elsewhere.

Alexis Chavez

Alexis is Flux's big Jungle buff. When he's not behind his Avid, he's surfing San Francisco's chilly waves.

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