Well, the rumors are true: Amy and I are expecting a wee bairn in late April. Here is the first image:

I am a product of three cultures. My father was born in India about 100 miles north of Delhi though he became a Pakistani citizen after the partition. My mother is from The Bronx in NY and her background is half Russian, half Polish. They met at Cornell University and the rest, as they say, is history. I grew up in Mexico City which completes my cultural triumvirate.

I currently live in Munich (to further complicate things) with my wife. I am, however, a recent transplant from San Francisco. In San Francisco, I fell in with the nefarious gang known as loungers@big.net. As a matter of fact, their guru Sannermurti convinced me to donate a PC which he loaded up with Linux, NCSA server stuff and, next thing I knew, I was writing HTML docs, digitizing video and spending hours zombie-like with Photoshop and Kai's Power Tools. That PC now serves up all of BiG.NeT. In San Francisco, I also weathered the murderous commute down to Silicon Valley where I was a corporate dude at a large company which, to protect the innocent, shall remain unnamed.

My wife and I in a moment of tenderness

My wife and I in a moment of tenderness

I am generally interested in cultural sorta things like film and music. You can check out some of the films I have made on this site. In addition, I am starting two long-term projects. The first is a screenplay for a feature film about a Mexican-American youth growing up in the Mission District of San Francisco. To date, I have done 16mm shorts. Each time, they get more ambitious and involved but this is the first time I tackle a full feature. The treatment is done and I am now writing the full screenplay and doing research about the Chicano culture.


My second project is a Macromedia Director based title about my family history. It is part history, part family tree. I am in the process of digitizing all the videos and photographs from the myriad of trips that my parents and I have done throughout the last 40 years. Maybe one day I will convert it to a Shockwave applet and load it here.

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My brother Ali (middle), my sister Musarret and I in 1967 in the dining room of our apartment in The Bronx.

My mother (middle) with aunts and cousins in Karachi in 1967

Taiabba in 1967

Dad in the late '80s