My Recent Filmography

Raza on video


This short film was one year in the making. It is based on a true story and adapted to film by John B. Pike and myself. It is a simple tale of a heart-warming incident in the day in the life of an otherwise angst-ridden young man. Upon its debut,

wrote "clever and beautifully shot." It stars Ben Riseling (shown above) and Johnny Durango. It features the music by a trio of SF music scene luminaries who, due to contractual reasons, prefer to remain anonymous.

Upcoming Showings will be sometime in March 1996 (Convicto will be showing as well!). More details soon

Johnny Durango Biskit Co-star as proof of the existance of true good souls on this otherwise wretched planet.

Download a short video clip here.


This film was produced in early 1993. Although the film was written, directed and produced by yours truly, the story is loosely based on the lyrics of the title song by Los Antos. The song is performed by Los Antos as well; the film stars John B. Pike III and David Sanner as the two-bit criminals and Dan Miller as the law. Other BiG.NeT Loungers (and ex-Loungers) make cameo appearances.

The Idol

This film was shot in one weekend in August 1988. It was improvizational film at its best; or would be, if we could just figure out how to fit The Wombat in. The film was produced and edited by John Pike. I co-starred (with my future wife, Amy Trusso) and handled some of the cinematography and audio editing. One of these days, I'll get around to digitizing some images and maybe even some video clips.

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