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Internet Underground Music Archive

Revolutionary way to distribute and promote independent music. Sheer genius!! Support it by downloading the music and buying some of the music on the site.

Great netsurfing, great info, great presentation. Try it.
The Sunshine Club Home Page

Been outta the country so long that I haven't had a chance to listen to the newly released CD or to ever see them live but, since Sean is in the band, it's gotta be good.
An On-line Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock

Mostly '70s prog rock stuff but for those of us who grew up in the '70s...
Internet Movie Database

Search through volumes of movie info
Info on fellow Lounger CVS's first album at the Heyday Records site. Other good bands there as well.
Info on fellow Lounger CVS's second album
Cyberactivist Links

The links on this page will take you to sites where you can raise you're "voice" about political issues. First and foremost, on the telecommunications acts...

These links will jump you to sites where you can download the decompression drivers to view the video clips in the Movie & Film sections of this web site

Indeo Video Interactive and R3.2

From this page you can download the file called IVI16.EXE which has Video for Windows 1.1e with the latest Indeo video drivers. This is needed if you are a Windows 3.1 user and will be downloading the AVI video files in the Movies section of BiG.NeT

FTP Site with Quicktime for Windows

This FTP site has Quicktime for Windows 1.1; this is needed if you are a Windows 3.1 user and will be downloading the MOV files. You will also need the Indeo video Quicktime driver which can be downloaded from Indeo Video R3.2 for Quicktime for Windows