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"We were baptized Shitty Shitty Band Band back in the summer of 1996 after having played together for many years under many names. There are several underlying reasons why we chose this name, some simple, some complex. Some say we are in fact a band. Others might think we are a shitty band ... "
-- from the 9-UP interview and webcast


SSBB is formed, retro-alphabetically, by:

  • Rick Kvoriak - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guilt, 6-str. Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
  • John Pike - Bass Guitar, Guitarrón, Contrabass, Uptight Bass, Stickster, Vocalite
  • Jeff Swartz - Trombones, Alto Sax, Fender Rhodes, Country Rhodes, Cuba Libre
  • Jab - Trumpet, Shaking Perspectives, Bongorine, Kake Hole
  • Emily Zuzik - Vocal, Curling Iron, Nerf Cowbell, 3-pronged African wind-splint
  • David Sanner - Drum Fits, Things That Go Dang, Cell Gnome, Grief Magnet, Bub
  • Ben Riseling - Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Vocal, Güiro, Shaker, Spatula, Piehole
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