Apart from her recent write-up or Mae Hemm's very flattering article in the SFGate and Greg Heller's BAM article last March where he describes our sound as Jan & Friends of Dean Martinez-style surf/swing/salsa/jazz/pop, the only press attention we've ever received has been about the novelty of our name and we'd just as soon keep it that way. Feel free to check out the following links, though:

Read what Sidewalk.com has to say about us in their Make-Out Room write-up. The Shitties played for (potentially) millions of internet fans at Nine-Up's cybercast of July 26th, 1997. There's South Jersey's listing (that top picture of Sting makes me sob everytime - scroll down, way down).

We were mentioned in Wired 5.12's Net Surf article about the aforementioned 9-UP (scroll way, way down, to the Sites, Drugs, and Rock & Roll article). We are listed amongst the Lomaxes' "Finger-linkin' Good Picks" as well as in Fun Links (Daphne's site, which contains X-Ray pictures of herself). More recently, we were featured in Sara Feustle's homepage. Sara is an English/German major at the University of Toledo.

"Another Bay Area act, Shitty Shitty Band Band, probably won't make it to Conan O'Brien, But at least they're hard to forget," says A. Pappademas in a Student.com article about band names. You have to scroll way down towards the bottom to find a lot of these.

They ran out of letters on this shot of the Great American Music Hall's marquis, that night we opened for those manic, musical Moskovites the Red Elvises. And there's the many local zines with their lists of bands.

There are mentions of the Shitties in our own bass player's contributor page at Suck.com and a HotWired article about Shockwave, as well as our drummer's article for Webmonkey about an early Java program he wrote all by himself.

We are also mentioned in the Canonical List of Weird Band Names as well as in SFStation's local band registry where they call us "a great party band." Thanks a lot. We are also listed in the Teutonic Phone-Soft Great International Band List. Also, there are some great pics from a summer party we played last year at Adam and Cindy's house in Oakland.

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